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When you think about getting more website traffic with video, the first question which comes to mind is:”How am I going to make a movie? – I would not know where to begin, and even though I did, it all sounds like way too much hassle!”And fair question too.The next question would be:”Do video strategies really get me more website traffic anyway?” Many well recognized, and respected internet marketers have recently released favorable results from advertising if research about marketing with movie, as a portion of the entire new emphasis on Internet 2.0.This report outlines a new approach which provides an easy answer to the initial question as well!Essentially what you do will be described step-by-step under.Note that the procedure uses a special software which you can read about at my site below.1) find an affiliate program to promote;2) produce a mini slide-show ad (such as a sort of Power Point screen );3) upload still images such as photographs (you can receive them for no cost, or really economical from heaps of locations all over the’Net), to include some attention, and Be Sure the last portion of your video contains a link to your affiliate merchandise 4) use the particular software to upload your video to the directories. This would usually require days of time to perform manually and will eat up much of your bandwidth in the procedure!!5) Place in special keywords and tags to help your video get recorded well in the movie directory’s search engine AND – that is the kicker – it can also get recorded well (and fast ) in the normal search engines! It is possible to get thousands of views in a short while, particularly if your video becomes listed for a keyword term with adequate traffic, in the regular search engines (this is where your keyword study comes in!)This strategy is a true breakthrough in getting more web site traffic and using the ability of the highly popular video directories.It is much easier to Piggy Back off of an established authority website, than it is to struggle away trying to get a few dribs and drabs of visitors from the SERPS to your own little site(s)!This is why advertising with one of the top article directory sites works so well for article marketing if youUnderstand the ideal strategy to use. But both big video directories are bigger heavy-weight authority sites compared to article directories.This is an important strategy for gaining more web traffic. See as it unfolds rapidly from the start of 2007 onwards!Peter is an internet marketer that likes to get more website traffic utilizing authority websites!Visit Peter’s Website [http://webs-that-work.com/blog/21/a-big-part-of-my-traffic-strategy-for-2007.html] to determine how you can use simple software to get Huge traffic from the Large video directories:

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