Bijan – An Accomplished Designer

Bijan, whose complete name is Bijan Pakzad, has been a significant power in the realm of aromas since 1981 when he built up his first scent for men. He further caused to notice his item when he offered his scent in Baccarat gem flacons that were marked and numbered. Therefore, a 6 oz. Jug of this aroma is presently worth roughly $3,000. Visit :- บาคาร่า ดูยังไง

Subsequent to moving to the United States from Iran in 1973, Bijan burned through no time getting himself set up in the realm of style and plan. Indeed, by 1976, he had set up a restrictive shop on the incredible Rodeo Drive. His store, which must be visited by arrangement, was considered by numerous individuals to be “the most costly store on the planet.” Bijan still at present dwells in Beverly Hills, however he additionally has homes in New York, Milan, and Florence. 

Today, a considerable lot of the most influential men on the planet can be seen wearing garments planned by Bijan. His customers incorporate President Bush, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Anthony Hopkins, President Ronald Regan, Jay Leno, and Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

Notwithstanding his dress, Bijan keeps on making aromas. His present line incorporates aromas for the two people. In the two cases, he presents the scents in worldwide protected roundabout glass flacons that have an open place just as an isolating web. At the point when the scent is half full, the two chambers fill voluntarily by following the logical rule that fluids look for their own level. His flacons are captivating to such an extent that one is even included as a lasting show at the Smithsonian Institute. 

Bijan has won various honors for his endeavors. In 1988, his Bijan for Men scent won the FiFi grant for “Best Men’s Fragrance” from the Fragrance Foundation. His Bijan for Women scent brought home the “Best Women’s Fragrance Package” grant that very year. His Michael Jordan Cologne won “Men’s Fragrance Star of the Year Specialty/Department Stores” in 1997 just as “Best National Advertising Campaign – Men’s.” He additionally got the Ig Nobel Prize in science for his DNA scent in 1995. He was likewise remembered for the “Worldwide Best Dressed List” by Vanity Fair in 1989.

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