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A good way to get your site out there in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Space is to use blog directories. Blog directories are sites which can categorize your blogs under many different categories. Usually the best blog directories are individual edited, meaning each submitted website is reviewed by a person, not a robot, who will decides whether our blog belongs in their own directory or not.Now not only will blog directories help get your blog to people that want to know more about the topic you write about but they will also provide strong back links and will help your posts get ranked in search engines. Also, note that a lot of men and women search website directories to research sites which are very similar to their own blogs. Backlinks can make a big impact on a website’s rank in search engine results. This is the reason why they are considered so critical for improving a sites SEO ranking. Search engines will use their own procedures to figure rankings employing multiple things to display search results.Among many methods that can help your rankings is to submit your sites to blog and post directories. I am only going to concentrate on three directories that I have recently submitted this blog to. In another post I will talk about article directories along with perhaps other blog directories. .I’m only listing those sites that I recently submitted to in June of this year and have a simple user-friendly portal. As I continue with my research I may post about other people after I publish my sites.OntoplistThe website is simple to navigate. It doesn’t make you feel like it is a”spammy site”I was surprised that the site I recorded was indexed so quickly. I am encouraged to submit more sites.BlogfluxBlogflux allows you to understand on the very first page that they currently feature 157,056 websites. So you become excited about incorporating your sites to the amount. They worry the type of sites they won’t accept. It is an easy submission procedure.BlogaramaIs also stupidly simple to navigate. It’s been around for a long time so their is a high level of reliability. Their blog directory when clicked doesn’t allow one the chance to search the categories. However, I they make it effortless to contact them. So I’ll let them know that this boomer is concerned. I’m sure it will be corrected.I used one of my handy forms from the Blog Management System to record the title of this directory, user name and password in addition to the specific site I submitted.If you have other favourite blog directories please discuss.

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