Where To Get The Best Deals on Mystery DVDs

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Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer to watch my detective fiction on DVDs. Not only is it nice to have an actually physical copy of a film or TV series that you truly love, but often the rare stuff that I like can not be found on streaming services such as Netfilx or Amazon Prime. Many download stores such as iTunes and Google Play, do not have anywhere near a wide enough selection to satisfy my tastes, so I am afraid that for now I am sticking with the good old DVD. Heck, I was five years after everyone else to finally give up and move on from my trusty old video player, so I’m in no rush to move on now either.

When I buy DVDs, I like to make sure that I get the most for my money, so I thought that I would share a few things that I have picked up over the years, that might just help you do the same too.

Sherlock DVD

A lot of the time when I am bidding for things on eBay I find it useful to set myself an absolute maximum bid that I am willing to go to. Even if the DVD is fairly rare and is something that I really want, getting into a bidding war with another interested buyer is only going to push up the price. You can almost be certain that another copy of the same DVD will be coming up for sale sometime soon, so try and wait for another auction where you do not have any competition. I find it useful to set eBay alerts so that I get informed each time a movie or TV series comes up for sale that I am after. That way you do not need to constantly keep checking for it yourself every day.

When buying from online DVD stores, or any store that sells movies, I like to check for discount coupons before I make payment, as a lot of sites seem to offer them. My favourite place to get codes at the moment is Fliggo.com, the site for UK discount codes, and they seem to be pretty good at keeping up to date with all of the latest promos that store are running. There have been many times in the past where I have got 50% or even 60% off the listed price, but sadly this does not seem to happen every single time.

I find car boot sales pretty useful for picking up mystery DVDs too, although it is a but hit and miss and the same goes for charity shops One tip that I can offer is to speak to the manager of a charity shop and tell them about the type of DVDs that you are always looking for. If they are friend;y enough, they might offer to put any interesting ones to one side for you, so that you can have first refusal on them when you come in.

Four Actors Who Played Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most portrayed fictional characters that the world has ever known. Even during the lifetime of his creator Arthur Conan Doyle, actors were treading the boards and bringing the master detective to life. So famous did the character become than many people actually mistake him for a real character and send letters to 221b Baker Street in the hope that he can help them out with their little problems. Here are four of the best actors to portray Holmes during his long history. (more…)

The Top 5 Greatest Detectives Of All Time

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Ever since Edgar Allan Poe created the first work of detective fiction as when know it when he wrote ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’, there have been hundreds if not thousands of different detectives in books and on our screens. Choosing which ones you prefer is a subjective matter although that has not stopped us counting down our top 5 greatest fictional detectives of all time. (more…)

Planning The Perfect Murder Mystery Night At Home

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If you are a fan of detective fiction and you like playing the host at dinner parties, then why not combine the two and host your own Murder Mystery Night. All that you need is a few friends (around six to 10 of you in total), a script to follow, some nice food and wine, and you are all set for a great night.


The Rise & Rise of Escape Rooms

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In just about every UK city you can find at least one escape room these days. What was once seen as a off beat hobby has now turned into big business and a lot of companies have been quick to capitalise on this. The trend began in eastern Europe around ten years ago, and many people on weekends away soon realised that it is a great way to spend an hour or so.